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Superpanoramic Model

Maximum visibility, maximum performance


 Our Superpanoramic Model for professional and competitive use arrives, with an ultra-thin and spectacular design to provide players with an unlimited experience.

This well presented the "Superpan" Court is an original and protected model at the European level, with excellent playing conditions and trusted by the best paddle players in the world.

Its main feature is that the side and rear glazing do not have any type of steel upright, thus facilitating TV broadcasting and offering clear visibility for viewers.


Manufactured with an ultra-thin exterior chassis, made to provide the greatest security and visibility to both players and spectators. Starting with an almost indestructible exoskeleton, all components are designed to provide superior durability and solidity, from the coating of the ultra-resistant 3 mm cold-rolled steel structure, to the 12 mm safety tempered glass.

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Ultra-resistant 3 mm cold-rolled steel

If there was something better, we would use it. 3 mm cold-rolled steel is the key to resistance, undoubtedly the best option to avoid long-term deformation, damage and corrosion. We have managed to create a soft and ultra-thin exoskeleton that in turn provides maximum security and visibility in the game. This new panoramic paddle tennis court is distinguished by its innovative design and the superior quality of all its materials and manufacturing processes.


12 mm safety tempered glass

The manufamanufacture of this glass is exclusive for the construction of our tracks. It consists of an ultra-resistant 12 mm thick safety tempered glass subjected to a tempered heat treatment that can absorb and redirect the force of the impact to improve the performance and tolerance to the blows of the players. In this way, we prevent the material from interfering as little as possible with the trajectory of the ball and the game.




Like all Padelgest courts, the Super-panoramic Model is designed to be the safest in the industry.

  • Super-panoramic Model calculated by our own team of engineers and endorsed by the illustrious college of Graduate Engineers and Industrial Technical Engineers of Barcelona.

  • Wind resistance of up to 155 km/h, checks carried out according to the requirements of the European structural regulations Eurocode of Design of steel structures.

  • Anti-injury joints, without gaps and mesh continuity to favor the fluidity of the game.

  • Integrated structural screws to improve the durability, aesthetics and safety of the track.

  • 5 mm neoprene dual shock system to avoid vibrations and direct glass/structure contact.

  • Structural Silicone Power Shock to favor the distribution of the player's impact load and eliminate the separation between the pieces of glass that cause injuries.

  • Network post protectors to favor the outdoor game and offer an unparalleled defense.




  • Protected design

  • SUPERPANORAMIC 360º Vision

  • Super Deluxe Design

  • 3 or 4 mm galvanized steel structure

  • Integrated screwing

  • Anti-injury joints

  • Approved 12 mm tempered glass

  • Structural Silicone Power Shock

  • 5 mm neoprene-mounted crystals for reduce vibrations and breaks

  • Artificial grass Monofilament STX or Supercourt XN of the latest generation Mondo

  • Intelligent PLUS Led system spotlights

  • Future lighting poles to favor to the maximum
    the off-track game

  • Ambilight Laser Led Perimeter System

  • Baked painted with alloy powder and high polymers bicolor performance [Extra anti-corrosion protection options]

  • Competition network with 4 seams and corporate band

  • Design based on the World Padel Tour standards and thInternational Padel Federation

  • Width: 10 m (indoor game measure) x 10.40 m
    (external measurement of the track)

  • Length: 20 m (inside game measures) 20.40 m
    (external measurement of the track)

  • Padelgest Guarantee

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